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Meike Oppermann

Tour Operator

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Heresbachstr. 18

40223 Düsseldorf

Tel.: +49 15678 414443



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Stadtpfade Düsseldorf


In Düsseldorf me and my team are offering city walks and brewery tours. 


>> More about Düsseldorf (german)


>> English Tour Düsseldorf








With Tourgold (of which I am a Co-Founder) we offer Bus Trips from Germany to Belgium, France, England, Italy...


>> More about Tourgold (german)






Stadtpfade Paris Blog


My german Online-Guidebook (aka Blog) for Paris. If you want to be featured in Stadtpfade Paris, please contact...




Stadtpfade Reisen Blog


On I am continuously creating fresh europe travel content in german language. If you wish to be featured on this travel page, please contact...




Travel Journalist


If you are looking for a writer for travel related content in german, you are perfectly right here!


>> Texterei (german)







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