Düsseldorf 2024 special: Old Town for football fans



TOUR '45 - Quick overview in a Half-time!


June 13th till July 14th


Experience the heartbeat of Düsseldorf's Old Town in just 45 minutes! From lively public viewing spots to traditional breweries, join us for a whirlwind adventure through the city's rich history and vibrant football spirit. Discover Düsseldorf's best in this quick, football-infused escapade!


Limited spots


If you can't find the time slot you want, the TOUR '45 is fully booked on that day, sorry!


What to see?

  • Highlights of Old Town
  • Where to watch Football
  • Where to eat
  • Where to get the famous Altbier
  • Where to go out


Hooray, we're off! And with such force that we are so fully booked that we can no longer offer the Tour '45 continuously. As an alternative, however, we are now offering our Free Walking Tour several times a week in the morning!




Düsseldorf City Tour: Explore the Old Town in just one Halftime!



Welcome to a unique city tour through the enchanting Old Town of Düsseldorf – a city known not only for its history and architecture but also for its passionate football culture. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Old Town as we guide you to the best spots for public viewing, cozy restaurants, traditional breweries, and fascinating landmarks.


TOUR '45 - Sommer 2024 in Düsseldorf


The Old Town of Düsseldorf beats to the rhythm of football. And this year, our season is far from over with Fortuna's promotion! From mid-June onwards, the Old Town is all about football, with plenty of opportunities to watch the games live.


Public Viewing and Fan Miles


During major football tournaments or significant matches, the Old Town transforms into a lively fan zone. Public viewing on large screens and fan miles create an exhilarating atmosphere. Your guide will inform you about the best places to gather for communal cheering and celebration during your stay.


Culinary Delights


After the excitement on the field, a culinary feast awaits you in the Old Town. Our tour will lead you to restaurants with a diverse selection – from traditional Rhineland cuisine to international gastronomic delights.


Traditional Breweries


The Old Town of Düsseldorf is also famous for its historic breweries. We will show you the breweries where you can not only taste our first-class Altbier but also experience the convivial atmosphere of local football fans.


Sights and History


In passing, we'll share a bit of the fascinating history of the city with you. While not the primary focus of this tour, it's only natural to include a touch of history in the mix.


Analysis: Unique Football Experiences in the Old Town


The Old Town of Düsseldorf is not just a place for historical discoveries but also a vibrant stage for football enthusiasm. Our quick 45-minute tour combines the best aspects of this fascinating city – from culinary diversity to traditional breweries and thrilling football moments. Football, enjoyment, and history – the Old Town of Düsseldorf has it all to offer.




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