Christmas Market Düsseldorf 2021


Winter Wonderland is back!


Author: Meike 14.10.2021


After a hard winter without Christmas Market, now in 2021 Glühwein, Poffertjes, Crêpes and grilled mushrooms are back.


18. November . 30. December 2021


There is a lot to see on the different themed markets all over the city center!



Stadtführung Weihnachtsmarkt Düsseldorf 2021


Free Walking Tour Düsseldorf


During Christmas Time our free walking tour through the Old Town of Düsseldorf is of course leading us along the many stalls! Do you want to discover Düsseldorf with us?



Where is the Christmas Market Düsseldorf 2021?



"Kö-Lichtermarkt" Christmas Market on the Königsallee


Our famous Königsallee is part of the Christmas Market this year as well. Along the illuminated Kö you will find many stalls with tasty food, and of course lots of possibilities for christmas shopping.



Ice-Skating at DEG Winterwelt


At the north end of Königsallee, at the Corneliusplatz, you can rent skates and go for a couple of rounds on the ice. In the two-storey-shack you get your Glühwein, and also the tasty Füchschen Altbier!



Christmas Market Düsseldorf around the Kö-Bogen


Around the Kö-Bogen, more stalls are waiting for you. Also if you head into Schadowstraße, you can walk round about a kilometer in the middle of christmal world.


Christmas Market Düsseldorf Kö-Bogen
Many stalls around Kö-Bogen and along Schadowstraße



Christmas Market at the Schauspielhaus: "Kö-Bogen-Markt"


Between our biggest Theatre "Schauspielhaus" and the new green building Kö-Bogen 2, a new part of the Christmas Market Düsseldorf is going to open this year.






"Märchen-Markt" at Schadowplatz


Märchen-Markt means Fairy Tale Market, and that's exactly what it's going to be at Schadowplatz. 15.000 lights are surrounding the stalls, which were designed by an artist.


Christmas Market Düsseldorf Schadowplatz
2019 Christmas Market at Schadowplatz



"Engelchen-Markt" at Heinrich-Heine-Platz


The Angel-Market is located very central at Heinrich-Heine-Platz, where you get of the U-Bahn when arriving by train. Tasty snacks and of course Glühwein and Christmas music is waiting for you.



Flinger Straße: "Altstadt-Markt"


As you head further into direction Rhine, you will pass the Flinger Straße. This year this part of the Christmas Market is shopping only area. Due to the stalls on the street the path for walking is pretty narrow, so the city decided to have no food or drink here, so people would stop less.


That means for you: Time for christmas shopping!


Christmas Market Düsseldorf Shopping Flinger Straße
Christmas Shopping on Flinger Street



"Handwerkermarkt" at the town hall


At the "Marktplatz", in front of the Düsseldorf town hall, you will find more stalls with artwork, Glühwein, candles, Poffertjes, Socks... All this Christmas stuff one essentially needs in December!


Also you will pass more stalls, once you head on to the Burgplatz with the observation wheel.


Weihnachtsmarkt Düsseldorf Riesenrad
Highlight at the Christmas Market: Observation wheel



Observation wheel at Burgplatz


Of course also the observation wheel is back in 2021 for the Christmas Market in Düsseldorf. Go for a  round with the best view over the illuminated city and the rhine, before having a Glühwein down at the stalls.



Christmas market Düsseldorf observation wheel
Last year's Christmas Markets at Burgplatz




See all spots on Google Maps: >>Christmas Market Düsseldorf 2021




Covid-Regulations Christmas Market Düsseldorf


You can visit the Düsseldorf Christmas Market, if you are vaccinated, recovered after a Covid-Infection less than 6 months ago, or with a negativ PCR Test.


There is no such thing like an entrance, where your app or your papers are checked, but controls will happen randomly.


Please check here the day before your visit, if those rules still apply: 




Wearing a face mask is not mandatory, but recommended.





You don't want to search for the stalls on your own? Than just follow us on our free walking tour!



Stadtführung Weihnachtsmarkt Düsseldorf 2021


Altstadt Tour with Christmas Market


Our free walking tour through the Old Town of Düsseldorf is of course leading us along the many stalls! Do you want to discover Düsseldorf with us?



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